Monday, July 25, 2005

Are Magazines getting to you?

What's with all the fold out advertisng pages in magazines? The thick cardstock advertising which makes it impossible to turn a page and stay there? All those millions of subscription postcards? More ads. for things I wouldn't even think of or consider buying. Stinky scented pages?
For sanity sake let's get a grip, literally on this overbombardment of crappy advertising. By the time I have finished ripping out the cardstock ads., the stinky scented pages, shaking out the postcards and refolding the fold out ads, I have no time to read the magazine. My recycling bin is never hungry.
Please please, stop! I have already stopped subscribing to magazines than are filled with lots of scented ads. I can't be alone in my abhorrance or annyance with all this crap. Doesn't anyone have anything valuable to put in a magazine.I would be prepared to pay more for a magazine that had well placed ads. I know ads. are the bread and butter of any publication but when you kowtow to your advertisers and ignore your readership you are missing the point of your existence.