Friday, January 22, 2010

Restaurant Tipping!

The tipping system in restaurants needs revising!

Just because I spend a large amount of money on a meal at an expensive restaurant the server shouldn't automatically assume they are going to get a 20% tip. The tip should be based on the service and the overall treatment of the patron. If the service isn't good, food crappy or generally your life is not made pleasant then the tip should reflect that.

I have had great service from people at lunch time on a $10 meal and wanted to leave them a 100% tip (and have :). My Hubby thinks I am crazy because he feels that is extravagant but he doesn't think twice about tipping an idiot with lousy service and no people skills $30 on a dinner tab of $200+

Everyone is so conditioned to this expectation and I, for one, am tired of it.

Seriously people if you suck and the restaurant sucks then the tip will reflect that and if you are a kick ass server and the food is great I will tip you well!