Friday, March 15, 2013

Flying is still a pain in the ... and the Wallet.

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Hi All :)

I hope your day is going well :)

So, having flown recently I have been reminded, yet again, how frustrating going on a trip by plane really is. I still long for the days when it was an adventure and enjoyable (Sigh, seems like such a long time ago now ;(.

 I am so tired of spending FOREVER boarding a plane because people are too cheap to pay $20.00+ to check their bags. Yep, I am as sick to death as everyone else of all the extra added fees when you buy a plane ticket but seriously people, that larger than life Mary Poppins bag ain't gonna fit in the overhead bins and yes, I know the airlines are to blame for this and I am damn F...... sick of it too!!!! But YOU selfish people are making my trip more challenging and unpleasant, so quit your trying to screw the system and pay to check your bags already!!!!!

I have also seen flight attendants (Deadheading) and bring their bags to the gate, checking them in there and someone, from the Airline, just takes their bag to the hold for them; So, now other people have caught on to this and those whose bags are "TOO BIG" to go in the over head bins, get their bags checked and taken to the hold but they don't pay the $20.00+ fee we paid for each of our checked bags. 

AND NOW, the TSA, in their infinite wisdom, are allowing people to take KNIVES AND CERTAIN SPORTS EQUIPMENT ON TO AIRPLANES, SERIOUSLY!!!!!!!

From TSA Website;


Small novelty or toy bats are included in the changes and can now be transported as part of carry-on luggage.

  • Bats 24 inches or shorter in length or 24 ounces or less.
  • Bats longer than 24 inches and less than 24 ounces
The following sporting equipment is included in this change and can now be carried through airport security: billiard cues, ski poles, hockey sticks and lacrosse sticks golf clubs (limited to two). 


The blade must be no more than 2.36 inches or 6 cm in length – from tip to where it meets the handle or hilt

The blade must be no more than ½ inch in width

 We still have to take our shoes off at the airports to go thru security but some idiot can bring on a pair of ski poles, a pair of golf clubs and a 2.36ins. knife (like anyone is going to measure it before they leave home or at the Airport, WHAT A JOKE!!!!) 

WHO in their right mind would need these things on an airplane. Are they going to practice slalom down the aisle, do a little "putting" in the galley or maybe the knife is for helping fellow passengers open the inedible trail mix packets they were just given by the flight attendants along with their drinks. WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


And while we are on it, please, oh pretty please can all the AIRLINES please do something about carry on bags, for all of us PEOPLE who do the right thing and pay to check our bags!!! :)

PLEASE STOP THE STUPIDITY (If only for my Sanity)!!!! 

Cheers, T. :)

Friday, January 22, 2010

Restaurant Tipping!

The tipping system in restaurants needs revising!

Just because I spend a large amount of money on a meal at an expensive restaurant the server shouldn't automatically assume they are going to get a 20% tip. The tip should be based on the service and the overall treatment of the patron. If the service isn't good, food crappy or generally your life is not made pleasant then the tip should reflect that.

I have had great service from people at lunch time on a $10 meal and wanted to leave them a 100% tip (and have :). My Hubby thinks I am crazy because he feels that is extravagant but he doesn't think twice about tipping an idiot with lousy service and no people skills $30 on a dinner tab of $200+

Everyone is so conditioned to this expectation and I, for one, am tired of it.

Seriously people if you suck and the restaurant sucks then the tip will reflect that and if you are a kick ass server and the food is great I will tip you well!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Stainless Steel Appliances.

I am so over stainless steel appliances. I have been waiting for them to go out of fashion since their popularity began over 15 years ago. Don’t get me wrong, I think they are ok, they have a place in the market but to dominate it for so long and with barely any other options leaves me cold. They are incredibly expensive too. I have seen, in the past few years, in Kitchen and Home decorating magazines ads for colourful kitchen appliances but try finding a place locally to buy them or talk to a builder who has any clue they exist, seriously!
Please! Please! Let's get some colour back in the kitchen! Bright coloured appliances that are cost effective, not out of the everyday consumer’s price margin.
OK, Vent over! :)

Saturday, May 23, 2009

My Son's Graduation.

Well, it is an amazingly emotional event for a Mom, I think so anyway, a child graduating from high school; it means they are all grown up and ready to fly the nest. Some, it seems, are ready way earlier than others. My Son is just about ready to leave but he is planning to go half way around the world to college. I am not too thrilled about that but I was adventurous at his age too. He has earned this privilege, I believe, by attaining a great grade point average and being an honor grad. and a N.H.S. grad., along with being a good person and a great Son. So, when they had their senior assembly recently, they forgot to give my son his N.H.S. cord to wear at graduation. He was told to go to the secretary the following week; no she didn't have them, go to the N.H.S. teacher and get one from her. Pretty typical of the run around students in high school seem to get. He eventually asked her for a N.H.S. cord and seriously she asked him did he really need it. I was stunned when he told me this, he has worked hard to achieve this honor why wouldn't he be proud to wear this cord of distinction and shouldn't she be encouraging him rather than being so apathetic.
This is when, as a Mother wanting to support her “Cub”, I want to put all protocol aside, march up to the school and give the teacher a piece of my mind but sanity, just barely, prevails and I let it slid. Thankfully, she came to her senses before Graduation and found a N.H.S. cord for my Son to proudly wear on Grad. Night.
Which, of course, was a very happy moment for the proud parents.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Temper Tantrums

Recently I was watching our local morning show on TV and a discipline expert from a local nanny school was commenting on a video clip portraying a mother picking up a tantrum riddled toddler and dragging the kid to try and get him up on his feet, all in the middle of a store. Anyone who has endured the tantrum years can relate to this all too easily. The expert said this mom did everything wrong, that she should have just walked away and left the child behind. I have to strongly disagree not in a store. No kid wants to be abandoned, so doing this at a time when the child most needs you, is plain stupidity and could lead to the child distrusting you.
I truly would not want a nanny in my house trained by this woman, if that is what she instigates. I would be furious if the person caring for my child was taught to walk away while my kid was distressed on the floor of a store. A little bit of paranoia here, but who knows who could be lurking around the corner to pick the child up.
So my solution, which has worked on my 3 children and on all the 30 other children I have nannied over the years is; Firstly, you really have to know your child. All kids will throw tantrums if they are tired and expected to do things they are incapable of doing or dealing with. So, depending on the kid or the situation there are many options, you just have to learn which one to apply to what situation and know that what worked last time may not work this time. Be flexible and open to making the best of the situation. Always remember you are the adult here and even though you would like to roll around on the floor kicking and screaming along with your child in frustration, your child is looking to you to make them feel safe and set boundaries. Remember you have options. Your child may feel they do not. You have to guide them and coax them. All too often I have been in a store where the mother is yelling at their kid to "quit it". That wouldn't work. I believe it is O.K. to pick up your child, regardless of whether it looks like man handling to others. Hold your child tightly and gently across their arms and legs so they are restrained in a loving way and can do the least damage to themselves and you and then remove them from the situation, all the time talking to them gently and lovingly. Not yelling "cut it out", of course that is what you want to do, but keep reassuring them that you are leaving the situation and life is O.K. Keep telling yourself that too, it helps. Remember most toddlers are not the evil devil child (Although a tantrum can make you question this!). They are still incredibly immature humans who need your guidance on how to proceed. Once away from the situation you can then place them in the car or go to a park or even home, once they have calmed down (it may seem like ever, but they usually do calm down relatively quickly) discuss with them how they feel and why they think this happened and you voice how you feel too. I am not suggesting a major debate but a conversation on the toddler level, they do have various ways of communicating. Of course you make the decisions but even though your child is very little they have a voice and should be heard and if they feel you respect them and their voice they may not act out half as much.
Always tell a child where you are taking them and the expectation you have of them and what they can expect to happen when you get there, who you might be meeting for coffee etc., this will reassure them and everything will not be as foreign. Just think if somebody put you on a plane and didn't tell you anything about where you were going, where you would be staying, what you would be eating, who you would be meeting, no luggage and nothing familiar etc. you'd soon throw a tizzy fit. so remember your child deserves the same consideration.