Saturday, May 23, 2009

My Son's Graduation.

Well, it is an amazingly emotional event for a Mom, I think so anyway, a child graduating from high school; it means they are all grown up and ready to fly the nest. Some, it seems, are ready way earlier than others. My Son is just about ready to leave but he is planning to go half way around the world to college. I am not too thrilled about that but I was adventurous at his age too. He has earned this privilege, I believe, by attaining a great grade point average and being an honor grad. and a N.H.S. grad., along with being a good person and a great Son. So, when they had their senior assembly recently, they forgot to give my son his N.H.S. cord to wear at graduation. He was told to go to the secretary the following week; no she didn't have them, go to the N.H.S. teacher and get one from her. Pretty typical of the run around students in high school seem to get. He eventually asked her for a N.H.S. cord and seriously she asked him did he really need it. I was stunned when he told me this, he has worked hard to achieve this honor why wouldn't he be proud to wear this cord of distinction and shouldn't she be encouraging him rather than being so apathetic.
This is when, as a Mother wanting to support her “Cub”, I want to put all protocol aside, march up to the school and give the teacher a piece of my mind but sanity, just barely, prevails and I let it slid. Thankfully, she came to her senses before Graduation and found a N.H.S. cord for my Son to proudly wear on Grad. Night.
Which, of course, was a very happy moment for the proud parents.

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ceevee said...

How frustrating. I understand your dilemma. Even though he got a cord at the last moment, I still would summarize this oversight to the school in a gentle way.